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Sam Parsonson

Sam Parsonson
Sam is a Digital PR Specialist, finding opportunities to get clients featured in reputable online publications every day.

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Market Research: Why it’s the Foundation of any Successful Campaign

Let’s be clear: a business won’t go very far if it’s not based on a great idea. That’s how all great businesses start, right?? It’s true, they do — but an idea isn’t worth much if you don’t know how to make it come to life. To do so, you need three things: skills, resources,  Continue Reading

Don’t Let News Media Scare You

News media is a powerful tool and journalists can be intimidating — there’s no denying that. But they can also be the reason why your company becomes the model franchise of your industry and the business your competitors strive to be. Having a structured business plan, hiring the right personnel, and investing in advertising and  Continue Reading

Digital PR vs Paid Advertising — How They Differentiate And Why You Should Invest In Both

In this new age of digital marketing, there is an ample supply of unfamiliar terminology that is continuously being thrown around, from SEO and SEM to backlinks and landing pages. If you want to invest in digital marketing for your business, these terms can be intimidating,?to say the least. However, daunting new terminology has always  Continue Reading